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OEM Meaning for Automotive Parts

Before we explore the reasons why drivers in WNY choose genuine parts, a little more needs to be said on the definition of OEM in the automotive world. In other industries, OEM parts might be produced by one company and sold by another under the latter’s logo and branding.

In the automotive world, many OEM parts are produced directly by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Alternatively, they may have been designed by the vehicle’s manufacturer with a specific purpose in mind and produced by another reputable manufacturer. Either way, when you opt for OEM parts, you’ll receive components designed specifically for your vehicle by the people who know it best.

  • Manufacturer – OEM components are manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer, while aftermarket parts are designed and engineered by a third-party manufacturer. OEMs focus on creating spare parts that match a specific product perfectly, with the same longevity as the original part. However, aftermarket parts are produced in high turnover and have the same fit to all similar equipment. That means aftermarket auto parts aren’t the best accessories, as they don’t match your machine’s specifications perfectly. That presents a higher risk of destroying your machinery.
  • Price – While they’re of OEM quality, original replacement equipment is typically affordable since it’s shipped straight from the manufacturer. Your overall expenditure in purchasing an aftermarket/black market part might be higher because it includes third-party shipping costs and service technician labor costs.
  • Performance – Aftermarket components miss some critical details/specifications unique to your product. Granted, the machine might continue functioning but at a slightly lower performance than with a component from an OEM.

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