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The Company is a manufacturer of automotive air conditioning systems, modules, compressors and radiators.

(Formerly Halla Visteon Climate Control)

Thermal Management

-Fixed Swash Plate Compressor
-Rotary Suction Compressor
-Variable Swash Plate Compressor
-Electric Compressor
-Fluid Transport



Cooling Module
-Cooling Module

Thermal Management – Conventional
Cooling Module
-Cooling Fan & Shroud

Charge Air Cooler (CAC)
-Charge Air Cooler
-Air CAC
-Water CAC

EGR Systems
-EGR Systems (Cooler, Valve and Bypass)
-High Pressure EGR
-Low Pressure EGR

Pumps & Valves

Other Thermal & Emissions
-Electronic Throttle Body (ETB)
-Electronic Wastegate Actuator (eWGA)

Cold Storage Evaporator

Transmission Thermal Management
-Transmission Thermal Management
-Auto Transmission Warmer & Cooler
-Electronic Transmission Oil Pumps
-High Efficiency Transmission Oil Pumps

Thermal Management – Electrification
-Battery Thermal Management System
-Heat Pump System
-High Voltage Cooling Fan Motor

-Centrifugal Air Compressor
-High Voltage Cooling Fan Motor

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