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The Company is a manufacturer of automotive air conditioning systems, modules, compressors and radiators.

(Formerly Halla Visteon Climate Control)

Thermal Management

-Fixed Swash Plate Compressor
-Rotary Suction Compressor
-Variable Swash Plate Compressor
-Electric Compressor
-Fluid Transport



Cooling Module
-Cooling Module

Thermal Management – Conventional
Cooling Module
-Cooling Fan & Shroud

Charge Air Cooler (CAC)
-Charge Air Cooler
-Air CAC
-Water CAC

EGR Systems
-EGR Systems (Cooler, Valve and Bypass)
-High Pressure EGR
-Low Pressure EGR

Pumps & Valves

Other Thermal & Emissions
-Electronic Throttle Body (ETB)
-Electronic Wastegate Actuator (eWGA)

Cold Storage Evaporator

Transmission Thermal Management
-Transmission Thermal Management
-Auto Transmission Warmer & Cooler
-Electronic Transmission Oil Pumps
-High Efficiency Transmission Oil Pumps

Thermal Management – Electrification
-Battery Thermal Management System
-Heat Pump System
-High Voltage Cooling Fan Motor

-Centrifugal Air Compressor
-High Voltage Cooling Fan Motor

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Reference: 972273E060

Brand: HANON

972273E060-Heater Core

Heater Core

Price $36.00
IMPORTANT: EXPORT type parts collection time up to 90 days! Before to make any purchase: Please call us direct or simply check stock ability before order parts online by filling in the form and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. or contact to our Business WhatsApp line:+821065651881 If there some parts not available we will send you only available parts without shipping correction!

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